Stand Up your wellness
“Mobility with a touch of simplicity”
“ Unveiling a new way to work ”

TeamUp Eigen™

Teamwork means better work. We know that meetings can move fast and transform from creative brain storming to hands down creation. TeamUp adjusts fully to the agility of your team.

Original Snap™

Our all time favorite keeps surprising everyone with the electric free power.


Sit - Stand or Bike. Have it your way. FitDesk Pro is our prime devotion to bringing movement to your workspace.

New Representative

We are delighted to introduce our newest official representatives, Group 4.

“Workspace adapted to you”

We, humans, are active and creative by nature yet for some reason that same space where we create and build was not built to fit that active nature.

Here at ERGOBOND™, we are committed to improving your life by bringing movement, creativity and activeness into your workspace.

Our Insight

Insightful ideas, suggestions and researches for anyone who is interested in improving their workspace and working habits.

Become a Distributor

ERGOBOND™ is continuously improving the lives of others by improving their workspaces. We believe that your workspace is supposed to improve your life not burn you out. We are looking for distributors who agree with our mission and wants to help us change the way workspace should be. Our growing distributors base is now open for application.
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