ERGOBOND Rebranding Annoncement

We are proud to announce that we are renewing our brand name and corporate identity from ERGOCHIEF to ERGOBOND. The name change is a fruit of a rebranding effort designed to reflect our company’s growth and transformation.

Our company has grown so much since we first started making furniture adapted to people. Our new identity satisfies all our existing expectations while simultaneously moves the brand forward to reflect our development and our modern understanding of how people work.

To make the change was not an easy decision, but we felt that we needed a name that strongly echoes our mission.

We no longer desired a word that signified hierarchy and command. Our mission is not to tell people how to work but to connect them with their creative space. We wanted a name that reso- nates with union and cooperation.

We bond people with their workspace and ideas. We are continually bonding innovations into our products.

In the following months, you will see the renewed version of our website, social media, and prod- uct lines. The changes will not affect the quality of our products and services. We hope you enjoy the new image, and we look forward to continuing our growth together.

Visit our new website at www.ergobond.com
Link to Resources https://reurl.cc/9E0KLn

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