How Can We Move More and Sit Less at Work?

Even if you exercise every day, according to research, sitting for a long time can shorten your lifespan. Many professionals refer to sitting for too long as the ¨new smoking¨ as it has been linked to several health issues such as diabetes and coronary disease. Sitting for too long also affects your creativity and overall productivity. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to spend less time sitting at work. Check them out.

  • 1. Stand and take a break. Take a break from your desk every 30 minutes and during long sitting meetings. 
  • 2. Use the stairs. Whenever it is possible to use stairs instead of elevators or escalators. 
  • 3. Stand as frequently as possible. Stand to greet visitors and answer phone calls.
  • 4. Have standing or walking meetings. Studies have shown several benefits from standing meetings. 
  • 5. Use height-adjustable desks. Height adjustable desks are an excellent way to adapt your working space as you need it. You can bring height adjustable desks to your meeting rooms as well. 
  • 6. Limit the number of emails and phone calls within your company. Walk to your colleagues instead of emailing them.
  • 7. Use headsets during teleconferences. Using headsets or speakers during teleconferencing allows you to stand or walk around at the same time. 
  • 8. Eat away from your desk. Either if it is lunch or a simple snack, take this opportunity to walk away from your desk and move your legs. Another great trick is to have a small water bottle, this will make you walk to the fountain more often.
  • 9. Use separately located bins and printers. Even if it is only 5 or 10 steps between them, separate binds and printers will keep you moving. 
  • 10. Park the car as far as you can. Your body will be grateful to walk 50 steps more from your parking space to your office. Better yet, whenever possible, use active commuting to work such as walking, biking, or using public transportation. 

Plus: Many companies, including Apple, offer outdoor walking spaces to their employees, which is ideal for creative brainstorming. If you want your team to get moving, offering outdoor space might be a great idea.

Implementing these tips on your working life will help you get more active. Every step counts. Remember to adapt your working space to your needs.

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