Which Color You Should Use to Increase Productivity

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

When it comes to colors, many things could be said. However, there is a big difference between what people believe about them. The truth is that colors affect human emotions. You can see this when you walk into a room. From the color of the walls to the color of the little details, they communicate something to you.

We are not suggesting repainting your entire working space. But by intentionally implementing small details using a certain color might have an impact on your performance.  If you are working from home, this might be a good opportunity to find new ways to stay motivated.

Color influences productivity, creativity, and mood at work. Finding the best color depends on what you are looking to achieve. Take a look at some specific colors and the effect they will likely have on you.


Blue is an ideal color for spaces that require focus and mental strain. It is associated with logic and deep thinking. This color enhances communication and efficiency. If you are prone to anxiety, a blue office would be favorable for you. In case you do not want to, or you cannot paint your working space, try to use blue accessories.


Green is the best color to use when a sense of balance is the priority. It is also very mild on the eye, making it a great option when you are required to work long hours. This color is associated with growth, renewal, and creativity. Just as blue, it promotes calmness and tranquility.


Red is a great color to use in areas of the workplace that demand physical activity. It is the best color to get you ready for action. Red evokes emotion, passion, and energy. This color should not be overused, as too much red is associated with hostility and aggression.


happiness. This color is associated with friendliness, optimism, and confidence. Yellow stimulates your emotions and can get you up and moving. Most creative use yellow in their working space.

Even though painting the office in a certain color might increase productivity, it is good to take into consideration that not every color will work the same for the whole company. In this case, it is more important to choose the right combination of colors first, and then give the employees the opportunity to incorporate the color that works better for them, either with the furniture, wall decors, or office accessories.

Remember that it is not just about the color, but also the intensity that matters. High-intensity colors will stimulate, while low-intensity will soothe. Now go and get some colors!

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