“Stay active by standing up.”

Get the best out of your height-adjustable desk.

The Problem

Many people buy height-adjustable desks to improve their well-being. They have realized that sitting for a prolonged time can be very harmful to their body.

However many people find it hard to build the habit of changing positions. This 
is especially true once you become immersed in your work.

At the end, the height-adjustable desk benefit is lost because people find it hard to remember to change position.


ERGOHUB is a device that can be installed under any height-adjustable desk (electric, crank, or pneumatic). The device can track real-time usage and the height of the desk. This allows it to send a reminder to change position. ERGOHUB is paired with ERGO app, which helps you set your standing goals and sends you kind reminders to change positions throughout the day.

Work Bond with Wellness


Set up your ERGOHUB™

Track usage and posture

Track usage and posture

Set up reminders

Track your goals

Track your goals

“Instantly bring your height-adjustable desk back to life”

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