Eigen Tech

A Electric Height Adjustable Desk That Looks Great

“Move with the solid and robust support you deserve.”

Redesigned Technology

We love challenges. When we heard people refused to use height-adjustable desks because they had to sacrifice silence, safety, and aesthetics, we redesigned technology to make them silent, safe, and beautiful.


We understand that the last thing your noisy office needs is a loud mechanical motor sound. A silent
motor that keeps noise to a minimum ensures that neither you nor your colleagues need to compromise health or a peaceful environment.

Power & Safety

Our Eigen motors are UL certified, that they have passed the world leaders safety standards.

Smart Cable and Motor

When you install the column out of the box, it is in one piece with no hanging cables or motors. The power cable is wired seamlessly to the legs of all our bases.

Become a Dealer

ERGOBOND™ is continuously improving the lives of others by improving their workspaces. We believe that your workspace is supposed to improve your life, not burn you out. We are looking for dealers who agree with our mission and want to help us change the way workspace should be.

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