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“ Because your workspace
is supposed to improve your life. ”

“ Because your workspace is supposed to improve your life. ”

Movement office

Since day one we have been asking ourselves, how can we improve that space that matters the most to you. That space where you create and build new ideas. We, humans, are active and creative by nature yet for some reason that same space where we create and build was not built to fit that active nature.

Here at ERGOBOND™, we are committed to improving your life by bringing movement, creativity and activeness into your workspace.

Design and Functionality

“We value innovative people and the way they work at the core in everything we design and produce.”

At ERGOBOND™ we believe quality design is part of the wellness. Great design inspires great ideas. There should never be a choice between a well-designed office or an ergonomics office.

We build a game-changing culture that accelerates progress thru movement

We do it by thinking beyond the conventional office furniture and building life-changing fusions that have never been seen before. 


Build active workspace adapted to people and give an end to the sedentary workspaces.

Your growth matters to us. We design for people who are always growing and developing something great. This means it goes beyond your physical wellbeing it is also about your mental wellbeing.

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Become a Distributor

ERGOBOND™ is continuously improving the lives of others by improving their workspaces. We believe that your workspace is supposed to improve your life not burn you out. We are looking for distributors who agree with our mission and wants to help us change the way workspace should be. Our growing distributors base is now open for application.
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