PET Material

100% Recycled, Eco-Friendly, Polyester Fiber


Aside from PET Panels being made of 100% recycled material, the entire process of manufacturing is also purely physical. This means that no chemicals are used in the process.

Plastic bottles are first baled together and broken down into chips, then a feeding machine melts the plastic using low-heat, producing a lightweight yarn-like fiber. Then we take 300 to 400 layers of fiber and compact it with controlled heat and pressure until we achieve the desired thickness and density. Once the compressed panels have cooled, we can cut them into the desired shapes.

100% Recycled

Recycled From Plastic Bottles

100% Polyester Fiber


PET fibers provide sound-absorbing qualities, similar to those found in movie theatres and recording studios.

They instantly provide a decrease of noise in the surrounded space.


PET panels can instantly add color to any workspace. It provides an opportunity to incorporate branding into the office, and it allows beautiful decor with a purpose.

Additional Benefits

Most workspaces still use traditional panels, which are wrapped in non-recyclable foam and glued fabrics. PET panels are a more eco-friendly, light and flexible solution.


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