Snap Tech

“Faster than any electric motor”

“You won’t believe it’s electric-free”


The Idea was simple – people have to be
surprise this is electricity free.

Our Challenge

Achieve Stability

We have to make sure the power from our gas springs is evenly distributed. This requires very high standard engineering down to the millimetres of precision.

New moulding techniques were created to embody the gas springs and house into SNAP and to assure a distributed balance. The control assures powerful raising powers with no superficial movement.

One of the challenges of manual height adjustment comes down to the friction of your moving parts. One solution caught our attention, trains. Trains are loaded with heavy cargos, travelling at very high speed, yet they can speed without losing track. SNAP now applies the same principles to our column mechanism.

Proportional Strength

Equality of strength is difficult when you have a single column, therefore, hundreds of experiments were done before we found the perfect formula.

We had to find an equilibrium where one didn’t have to apply strength to raise even when loaded and at the same time it was smooth to adjust down back.

Everything had to be so smooth users forgot SNAP was manual.


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