ERGOBOND Exclusive Warranty Terms


Subject to the limitations set forth below. ERGOBOND warrants to the original purchaser all product in this price list to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a ten-year period from the date of shipment. This 10-year warranty applies to all products sold by ERGOBOND and authorized reseller and distributors. ERGOBOND will provide with respective parts replacement and replacement instruction services. Replacement of the defective merchandise might will be at ERGOBOND option, free of charge. 

This covers original purchases delivered within United States and Canada.

Exceptions to the 10 Year Warranty: 

Height adjustable electrical/ gas spring components

2 years : Gas springs within the manual height adjustable desks on a single shift and ‘normal use’ after shipment to the original user.

2 years : Motor and electrical components of the electrical height adjustable desks on a single shift and ‘normal use’ after shipment to the original user.


5 years : All physical none non-mechanical parts of the chairs including arm caps, foam, casters and glides. 

2 years : Chair gas springs. Usage exceeding the ‘normal usage’ is not covered.

Seating Mesh : usage deterioration or damage not covered.


2 years: All PET made parts including decorative panels and parts attached to the desks and PET material accessories. 

Warranty does not apply to product failure or loss resulting from: 
  • Normal wear or tear
  • Failure to apply, install or maintain products according to published ERGOBOND guidelines and instructions
  • Misuse, accidents or abuse
  • Exceeding weight limits for all desks, chairs and stools.
  • Substitution, modification or alteration to the original product.
  • The replacement of any unauthorized non-ERGOBOND components as a replacement to original ERGOBOND components; such replacement includes but are not limited to table surfaces, supports, legs, motors,
    gas springs, buttons, panels and other essential parts of the
    original product.
Warranty does not cover:
  • Products sold by unauthorized resellers or distributors.
  • Products used for rental purposes.
  • Products which were not installed, used or maintained under industry standards.
  • Products damaged during shipping not managed directly by ERGOBOND.
  • Products considered consumables such as batteries, bulbs, gas springs and other parts unless mentioned in the warranty terms.
  • Variations in surface materials resulted by differences in original woods, material, weather or usage.
  • Some accessories or series have their independent warranty terms and are excluded from this term.
Warranty Provides:

‘Defect’ means inadequacy in the material or workmanship of the product which:

  • Existed at the time the product was delivered by ERGOBOND or by ERGOBOND authorized reseller
  • The product is a new product in its original packaging
  • It causes inability to use, perform the ordinary use due to material or workmanship failure

‘Normal Use’ is defined as eight (8) hour days, five (5) days per week) throughout the applicable warranty period and not exceeding the weight limit stated.

The following immediate remedies are offered for defective products or parts:

The following remedies are only offered for products sold by ERGOBOND or an authorized reseller and the products parts/ entity is still under warranty periods.

  • Customer Service Call
    +1 800-230-9925 ‬from Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm
  • Free parts replacements with the shipping covered.
  • Clear part replacement instructions.
  • Product replacement when necessary at ERGOBOND’s option free of charges.


Claim Placement

All warranty claims must be made in written by the original purchaser, customer service call is also available.

Owner might be required to provide original invoice or any other evidence to establish that the claim is within the warranty period and that it was originally purchased thru ERGOBOND or an authorized reseller.

It is expressly understood and agreed that the buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any and all losses or damages resulting from nonconforming goods, or from any other cause, shall be repair or replacement of defective parts, and that ERGOBOND shall not be liable for damages or injury to persons or property, nor for replacement of the entire commercial unit, if repair or replacement of defective parts can reasonably render the unit conforming.

For more information please visit:

All other warranties, expressed or implied, are excluded.
ERGOBOND shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any sort.

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