Powder Coated Surface

Table Top

Durable, Adaptable, Sustainable

Endless Design

Allows application to all shapes and sizes


Twice as thick as most other finishes, the molecular coating is much more scratch-resistant.

Eco Friendly

  • No toxic emissions (VOC)
  • Reusable excess powder
  • Less environmental impact when paired with durable furniture.

Applied to Wood

The physical process of applying the coating to wood is almost the same as to the metal. It’s a bit more challenging, but we’ve mastered it.

We preheat the surface until it reaches the ideal level of conduction, which varies based on moisture and temperature.

The dry powder solvents as it is applied to the wood.

Thermal curing combines infrared with convection heating to achieve the perfect temperature without damaging the wood.

Become a Dealer

ERGOBOND™ is continuously improving the lives of others by improving their workspaces. We believe that your workspace is supposed to improve your life, not burn you out. We are looking for dealers who agree with our mission and want to help us change the way workspace should be.

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