Why Choose a Wider Monitor

Just like the dual monitor trend, ultrawide monitors have become more popular among workers and everyday computer users.  Having wider monitors has benefits that a single regular monitor cannot offer.  Wider monitors might increase productivity and overall user experience.

Ultrawide Monitors Increase Work Productivity

Ultrawide monitors give you a bigger working screen space. Having more space means you can use multiple applications at the same time. When compared to a single monitor, this might be a great benefit. It is like having two displays in one. 

Researching and Writing at The Same Time

Being able to research and write at the same time is one of the many benefits of a wider screen. For example, you can write an email to your clients while referring to relevant information or documents. Of course, you could do the same with any monitor, but having a wide monitor when you need several apps open together will save you time and energy (and probably even mistakes).

Moreover, when working on sensitive documents, wider screens allow you to keep apps and files open while searching for information. This is beneficial if you need to cross-reference information to ensure accuracy.


If you consider yourself to work best when multitasking, wide monitors might be good for you. Since you can simultaneously have multiple applications open, you can work or view several projects at once. For example, you can be in a video call with your team while still working on a project. Or you are watching a video and would like to take notes at the same time. If you like multitasking, you might need an ultrawide monitor.

Benefits When Using Applications 


Using excel on an ultrawide monitor allows a spreadsheet to fill the entire screen; Making it easier and more efficient to work on large tables and dashboards. Instead of having to scroll left and right to find the information you need, you would be able to visualize the entire project. Being able to have multiple sheets open at once makes transferring data and formulas between them easier. Also, it makes comparisons between spreadsheets fast and accurate.


While writing reports, documents, or essays on Word, an ultrawide monitor will let you have several windows open at once. As we mentioned before, it becomes easier to write while researching information. Editing and crossing references become easier when you do not have to scroll up and down on your document all the time.

Video Editing Software

Ultrawide monitors could increase your productivity if you are using video editing software. The principal benefit is the increase in timeline size. With a standard 16:9 monitor, constantly having to adjust the timeline is often an unpleasant task. A wide monitor will also allow you to visualize a project a lot better. 

Many editing software allows you to open certain asset classes besides the main application. When adding media to your timeline, you can have another file or app open, and all you have to do is drag and drop. Moreover, if you are new to editing videos you could watch tutorials while working on your project.

Game Applications 

Although ultrawide monitors are great for working and increasing productivity, they can also provide a great experience to gamers. Ultrawide monitors provide good visuals, and many video games support the increased aspect ratio. Ultrawide monitors support games that deliver a more immersive gaming experience than on standard monitors. 

The bottom line of an ultrawide monitor is that you can have more than one window or application open at a time. If this is something you are looking for, a wide monitor might be ideal for you.

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