Holiday Gift Giving Duing Covid-19

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we do things. From the way we work to the way we celebrate birthdays, everything has changed. The holiday season is not exempt from those changes, but you should bear in mind that remote workers could use a reminder of their employers’ appreciation.

Without the traditional holiday parties, the Human Resources department should switch their attention to employee gifts this year. Think about presents that can connect employees while embracing and promoting the company culture.

Employee gifts have become more personalized this year, as they should. Employers are taking a more creative approach towards gift-giving, reflecting ideas of caring and cozy.

“We are seeing cozy blankets and [apparel] like sweaters and robes and heated mugs that are super-popular,” says Leo Friedman, CEO of an online corporate gift-giving company. “The fact that we already have so many orders for plants also surprised me,” he added.

Thoughtful gifts have a good impact on reflecting a company’s value and connecting employees. While universal branded gifts, especially if they’re useful, might not be a bad idea. Experts suggest that involving the managers or heads of the different departments could be helpful to get gifts that better adapt to your employees’ needs and wants and at the same time expresses the company’s caring and gratitude.

Giving back to the community is another way to stand out as a company during the holidays. Many companies take the whole gift-giving action to another level when they bring together their employees and the community. Now, as the traditional ways have changed, companies must keep employees safe while supporting the community.

Instead of gathering employees for a large group of volunteer events, companies can encourage smaller acts of service or volunteer projects. Some of those acts could be delivering meals to in-home ill patients, donating goods to food banks, or donating toys for children.

The world is hurting at the moment. Regardless of the industry or your position, there is always an opportunity to give back to the community. And while doing that, you will offer your employees a different focus to balance out the negativity for a little while.

While company values are being tested and employees (same as companies) are often under pressure to be productive, you should emphasize the importance of taking care of one another.

If you are looking for ideas about how to keep your remote employees motivated during this holiday season, stay tuned for our next article.

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