Unveiling a new way to work

Giving you full
command of your

3 in 1

Regular Portable Desk

Easily slide out the bike and lower the desk to be used with a standard chair or move it around the office as needed.

Standing Desk

Pull out the bike and raise up the desk to use as a standing desk.

Biking Desk

The only biking desk designed for long hours of work. Multiple adjustments allow comfortable set up. Use the magnetic tension to adjust your position.

Enjoy the silent biking motion while you are doing your tasks.

Office Friendly

100% Electricity-Free


Boost Creativity
Body motion has proven to increase overall creativity and brain activity.

Keeps you active while doing high-focus work

Increases Mind Focus
Allowing your body to move has proven to improve focus in detailed areas of work, similar to fidgeting.

Co-Branding with FitDesk

FitDesk Pro features the quiet and reliable high-velocity flywheel bike together with ERGOBOND’s signature height-adjustable desk exclusively designed for FitDesk Pro.

Become a Dealer

ERGOBOND™ is continuously improving the lives of others by improving their workspaces. We believe that your workspace is supposed to improve your life, not burn you out. We are looking for dealers who agree with our mission and want to help us change the way workspace should be.

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