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Ergonomically blended to you and beautifully crafted to your workspace. A timeless design that morphs into the demands of your body.

Feel Your Back

Feel your back suspended in as it adapts to you. Hice™ automatically morphs based on your seating position to give you a natural lumbar support without the need for any additional adjustments.

Feel The Suspense

The high tension nylon mesh keeps you fresh all day. Ventilation never stops thanks to the gap kept between you and the frame, at the same time providing a dynamic support from back to bottom.

Simultaneous Adjustment

Instant adjustment determined by your body pressure. Support is based on the link between three automatic nodes that interact with each other. Let the ergonomics be done automatically by science. You just need to sit and enjoy.

Choose Your Back

Two heights that fit any need. High back for a full day executive comfort or low height for a discrete setup. Ideal pair of the main chair and guest chair.

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