Dual Motor Sit-to-Stand

Premium commercial sit to stand desk with dual motor to give you everything you need in a desk.

Silent Dual Motorized Lift

Switch between sitting and standing instantly with the powerful dual-motor – 3 stage mechanism that allows a smooth and quiet transition. The 3 stage mechanism allows a superior range of adjustment.

A Frame to Keep

Turia™ frame is built to last. That means that it grows with your choices. The expandable frame allows you to adapted to your own work surfaces.

LED Memory Controller

Ergonomic LED controller designed to make the height transition easy and smooth. Store up to 3 different heights.

Antibacterial Powder Coated Work Surface

Turia™ comes with an antimicrobial powder coating finish. The active coating reduces up to 99.99% of microbes’ growth. The surface is also scratch and water-resistant.

Superior Stability

Powerful UL-approved dual-motor guarantees superior stability compared to most electric height adjustable desks. In addition, low power mode allows minimum impact.

Solid Steel Frame

It is not big secrete to quality. ERGOBOND uses top-class materials possible and quality crafts. The desk will endure your daily use with ten years warranty.

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