Multiform Noise-Absorbing Privacy Modesty Screen
Fence adapts to the changes of any workspace. Choose between full coverage, front coverage, or side coverage as needed.
HiP Awards 2020

Adaptable Coverage

Every person works differently and every office design is different. Sometimes workspace and privacy may vary, depending on the way coworkers interact with each other and may require a change. Fence™ adapts to those changes. Choose between full coverage, front coverage, or side coverage as needed. The panels can also be flipped around to provide higher coverage.

Universal Desk Size Compatibility

The partition comes in sets of 12 or 18 inches wide, allowing nearly universal compatibility. The combination between these two sizes can adapt to many desks sizes, including 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72, 78, 84 inches wide or more.

Privacy or Modesty

Flip the screen around to choose between light privacy or full coverage. This function is perfect for the extra modesty coverage needed for a height-adjustable desk. The brackets integrate seamlessly, allowing the users to switch between modesty or privacy mode as required. 

Zero Punching

The screens can attach to the work surface without alternating or punching the desks, allowing full setup flexibility. The screens can be used and reused as needed and are compatible with most work surface thicknesses.

Pin and Build

Fence™ is created to be personalized. Make it yours by pinning your notes and ideas into the screens or by attaching accessories.

Noise-Absorbing PET

Fence™ is made of 100% Recycled, Eco-Friendly, Polyester Fiber (PET). In addition to providing a layer of aesthetic protection, it also has a noise-absorbing benefit.

Bonding Design and Functionality

We wanted to find a balance between safety and aesthetic functionality. Fence™ adapts to the changes of an ever-changing workspace by adding an extra sense of comfort, safety, and aesthetics to any office.

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