Alders™️ The Acoustic Magnetic Mobile Glassboard


"Bring it to where the ideas are growing"

Whiteboard / Pinboard / Sound Absorbing
3 in 1 accessory for every workspace. Instantly creates a creative and private environment for any workspace.

47.6" x 64" x 23.6"
Height 64"
Depth 23.6”

Whiteboard Dimension
47.6” (W) x 64” (H) x 23.6”(D)

0.16” Glass Whiteboard 1.42” Covered PET (Recycled Polyester)

2.2″ Caster Wheels with Break Included


  • Noise absorbing recycled polyester (PET) that doubles as pinboard
  • Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Code – Name

  • 01: Beige
  • 14: Light Denim Blue
  • 15: Denim Blue
  • 16: Outerspace
  • 18: Gray (Standard)
  • 23: Orange
  • 25 : Lime


  • Beige
  • Light Denim Blue
  • Denim Blue
  • Outerspace
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Lime
Warranty Info

5 Years International Warranty

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