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FitDesk®️ Pro Reviewed by Workplaces 5 Stars!

FitDesk Pro by ERGOBOND (View PDF)

MANY QUIRKY OFFICE PRODUCTS OUT THERE PROMISE TO KEEP YOU HEALTHY. Most of them are extraneous, unnecessary and unneeded. But we found one that works. FitDesk Pro by ERGOBOND is described as a tool to help office workers stay active in the workplace. It is one of the very few products on the market that goes beyond the simple height-adjustable desk to get you moving at work. Better yet, it is a joy to use.

FitDesk Pro combines the best of a height-adjustable desk, an exercise bike and a seat. It truly is a multifunctional 3-in-1 system. All of these components are easy to use and in the right proportion. The desk and bike aren’t too big to use at home or in the office.
The FitDesk Pro is made up of two components — the height-adjustable desk and the bike. For this review, we are going to address each separately and then talk about how they are used together.

Let’s start with the desk. We found the desk to be the perfect size. It is large enough to handle two monitors and all of our work, but not too big for the home office. It is beautifully designed, and we like that it uses a gas spring instead of motors for height adjustability. The height of the desk can be adjusted by simply grasping the lever under the lip of the desk. The spring does all the work for you, quickly and quietly getting you to the height you want. That is important because the desk can be used independently without the bike attached.

Still, the FitDesk Pro is best used when paired with the bike. The bike itself is quite compact and slots into place at the base of the desk. We found the seat comfortable and also appreciated the digital counter included that showed how much we had ridden. It is quiet and easy to use. The idea behind it isn’t to break out into a sweat, burn tons of calories or replace your time at the gym. Instead, it is designed to keep you moving in the office, but not interfere with your work. We found it is easy to pedal while talking on the phone or working on the computer.

FitDesk Pro is one of the few products we’ve tested at Workplaces magazine that people fought over to use. We found we had to schedule time on the FitDesk Pro because it was so popular in the office. That does not happen with every office product we test. FitDesk Pro could be used as an everyday desk for everyone in the office or would make a great shared desk.

FitDesk Pro is a fantastic product — well built, easy and enjoyable to use. It is clear ERGOBOND put a lot of thought into its design. We highly recommend it for either home or office use.

FitDesk Pro can be purchased for $1,680 from local office furniture dealerships or by contacting the company directly at www.ergobond.com.

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