How Happy Employees Make Organizations Thrive

Photo by Marius Ciocirlan on Unsplash

The majority of business leaders and managers would agree that behind any company’s success there is a group of faithful and happy customers, willing to pay for the company’s goods and services.

There is a lot of evidence that shows that happier employees make happier customers. Therefore, if you want to maintain your customers and attract new ones, you should focus on employees’ happiness first.

According to Daniel Sgroi, happy employees tend to be up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. When it comes to salespeople, happier employees could raise their sales by 37%.

What does it mean to be happy in your workplace?

According to Lencioni, in his book “The Truth About Employee Engagement, there are three key components when it comes to employees’ happiness. First, employees want to feel like who they are matters, they want people to know their names. Second, that what they do has an impact, which means they are engaged in relevant work. And third, that they are making progress, that their work is having an impact and leading them and the organization forward.

This seems to be easy, however, too many companies are overly focused on what they do and overlook who is doing the work and how and why they are doing it. Consequently, employees often feel undervalued in their workplace.

Five measures any company could adopt to have a more employee-focused culture: 

1. Promote employee development:

Employees want to feel there is opportunity for them to growth within the organization they work for. Let them know their options and how they can achieve them. When employees feel they have a solid career ahead, they’ll be more willing to do a great job as it will also benefit their long-term goals.

2. Make training a common culture: 

Employees want to learn new and innovative skills that will make them more successful in their current positions and potentially lead to promotion.

3. Support employees: 

Giving employees positive feedbacks and praises are critical factors to make employees feel like they are making a difference.

4. Create a fun environment: 

Having social events or fun activities would have a positive impact on employees’ happiness as it can create a positive environment that employees enjoy being part of. Being part of an enjoyable workplace can influence the level of service and patience that employees deliver to customers.

5. Give rewards and recognition: 

Beyond creating a fun work environment, it’s important to recognize employees for a job well done. It may inspire them to provide an excellent service to the customers they engage with.

Focusing on making employees happy will result in having happier customers. What happens on the inside of the organization is felt by the customers. Create a workspace that promotes happiness and wellbeing for your employees.

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