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Aridia Valerio

Welcome Back to NeoCon 2021!

The long wait is finally over!

After a long year of social distance and virtual interactions, we are thrilled to meet you in person at NeoCon 2021. By visiting our booth, you will learn why having a working space adapted to you should be an essential component of your work-life. Moreover, you will discover and experience some of our most innovative products that promote an outstanding working experience.

What Will You See at NeoCon 2021?

This year, we are featuring three of our most innovative products: ERGOHUB™, HICE™, and FENCE™. Our team will also share some other great products that will guarantee a working space adapted to the people and not the other way around. Here are some of the products that will be on display.


ERGOHUB™ is a device that can be installed under any height-adjustable desk. The device can track real-time usage and the height of the desk. This allows it to send a reminder to change position. ERGOHUB is paired with the ERGO app, which helps you set your standing goals and sends you kind reminders to change positions throughout the day.


HICE ™ is a Next-Level Adjustment chair. The chair provides instant comfort in both of its presentations to fit your needs; The high back HICE chair for a full day executive comfort and the low height for a discrete setup.


FENCE is a multiform noise-absorbing privacy modesty screen. Every person works differently, and every office design is different. FENCE adapts to changes as the way a team works do. Choose between full coverage, front coverage, or side coverage as needed. The panels can be flip around to provide a higher coverage allowing for more privacy.

Come and join us at NeoCon 2021 at TheMart Chicago. You will discover a gamma of products designed to create a working space adapted to you; including our all-time favorites: FitDesk Pro and Original Snap. If you would like to check out our NeoCon 2021 DM, just click here. See you there!

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